Auditions for the 2019-2020 school year are coming up Week 1! Click here to sign up.


Monday 7-11 pm, September 30th
Tuesday 7-11 pm, October 1st
Wednesday 7-11 pm, October 2nd

Auditions are located in Franz Hall 3258.

Each audition will take no longer than 5 minutes, and we ask that you prepare 1 minute (about a verse and a chorus) of a song of your choice!


Friday 7-11 pm, October 4th

Callback room is TBD.

Callback information will be sent via email.

We will continue to update our website and Facebook as we get closer to next year’s auditions, so check back for more information on how to sign up for your audition! Looking for more information about what to expect in the audition process and how to prepare? Check out our FAQ’s down below!

If you have any questions about the audition process or need help finding Franz 3258, please don't hesitate to reach out to our business manager, Haley Mark, at or at 818-599-6019.

We hope to see you there!


So you’d like to join the crazy world of ScatterTones? Woohoo! We’re always on the lookout for new and vibrant voices and personalities. We hold auditions at the beginning of Fall quarter of each academic year. Look out for a table at the Activities Fair where you can get your questions answered by ones of our members and sign up for an audition time.

So what do you need to do for us? Our audition process is two-fold, with an initial audition as well as callbacks. For the initial audition, a panel made up of our members will ask you to sing some scales and intervals , both up and down. This will let you warm up and let us hear your range. We’ll then ask you to give us a one-minute solo of your choice, where you can rock out all you want. 

If you are called back, you’ll be joined by the rest of the group, as well as everyone else we’ve called back. We’ll then pretty much go through a mock rehearsal, learning music, and then have you sing in small groups with current members and/or other auditioners. If you are a vocal percussionist (beat boxer), this is also your time to show us your stuff. Then, after a reeeeally long night, we’ll let you know if you’re joining us for a year of hard work, great music, and general insanity!

Audition Tips:

*Project! We can’t call you back if we can’t hear you because you were singing too softly. Besides, we sometimes perform without microphones outdoors, so making sure you can be heard is important. Don’t be afraid of making little mistakes (especially during callbacks) either.

*Don’t hurry through the scales. We’re listening closely to your intervals, your ability to move between notes, and your voice. And if you get a good warm up out of this, all the better for you.

*Choose a solo song that fits YOU. Make sure it’s in your range so you’ll sound great on it. Add personality into it. Have fun. This is your chance to really show us what you’re made of. Whether it’s a hard and fast alternative-rock song, a mellow ballad, or a jazzy riff, make sure your personality comes through. Please avoid opera and rap. We sing a wide variety of music, but showing us that you can out-rap Eminem or hit those high A’s better than Sarah Brightman gives us no clue if you can belt it out like Mariah or croon like John Legend.

*Above all, and especially during callbacks, BE YOURSELF! We look as much for personality as we do for talent. Relax and have fun. Tenseness doesn’t lend itself to great singing.


What if I just don’t know my schedule? Is there hope for me?

Of course! We do accept walk-in auditions if you find that you’ve forgotten to sign up or just can’t. Feel free to drop by the audition room sometime during the 7pm-11pm span, and let us know you’re there as a walk-in. Please be aware that we do give priority to scheduled auditions, so if you do decide to go this route, be prepared to wait until a spot opens up. To give us a heads-up that you might be auditioning, you can sign-up on our walk-in list.

Is experience necessary?
As with everything, experience is helpful. BUT, the difference here is it’s not necessary. We don’t care if you have 8 years of formal training or 8 years of singing in the shower. Some of our members couldn’t read music when they auditioned, but it didn’t stop them, and it shouldn’t stop you. There are people who sound awesome because they have a natural, untrained quality and talent. Who knows? You could absolutely be that person.

What do I need to do for auditions?
Our open call auditions are quite simple. In short, we’ll ask you to do scales, and then you’ll sing your one minute solo for us.  If you are auditioning as a beat boxer/vocal percussionist as well, we will love hearing you give us a short demonstration! However, while tricks are impressive, we will still need to know that you’ll be able to keep a steady, simple beat as well, so tailor your piece to those needs. Also, please show up 10 minutes early, as we’ll need you to fill out an application form and take your picture, so we’ll be able to match a face to the name when we’re deciding on whom to call back. In all, your initial audition should not take more than 5 minutes.

Is there any special preparation or item I need to bring to auditions with me?
Aside from a bottle of water, there’s nothing else we recommend or require you to bring. Of course, bring a great attitude and personality, and it never hurts to dressed to impress, but other than that just get ready to have fun!

Can I bring a tape/CD to accompany my solo?
Due to the unaccompanied nature of a cappella, we require that you also do your audition a cappella. This means that we will not allow you to use a tape to accompany you as you sing. If you are concerned about a starting pitch, don’t you worry! We are glad to give you any pitch you ask for before you start. We’ll have a keyboard there for just that purpose.

Can my friends sit in on my audition for moral support?
Unfortunately, the only people allowed in the audition room are you and a panel of Scatts. Anybody else might become a distraction!

What song should I sing?
Whatever you want! We like to see what our auditionees come up with to show their stage presence and personality. It can be anything from a commercial ditty to the latest song by Lady Gaga. Just make sure that the song showcases your strengths and fits your personality. To see what a variety we've sung to get into the group, check out our member profiles! There are some song types that we discourage you from using- while many of us in the group are fans of opera and rap, these genres just don’t lend themselves to singing very well, and makes it hard for us to know exactly what you can do.

What are callbacks? What’s that about?
The callback audition is the second stage of auditions, and includes people that are chosen by their performance in their initial auditions. The callback itself is run like a mock rehearsal, except it is a place for us to get to know even better than before! We’re trying to see how you do in a group setting, so we’ll sing songs for you, then teach you them and have you perform with a mixture of other auditionees and group members. You’ll probably be asked to do the solo at least once, and if you are a vocal percussionist, you’ll be asked to do that as well. At approximately 4 hours long, it’s a lengthy process compared to your initial audition. However, if you are invited to callbacks, be aware that it is mandatory that you attend the callback to be considered for the group. 

When will I find out if I’ve made callbacks?
Watch your email inbox starting the final night of auditions after 11:00pm. After all the initial auditions, we have to sit down and decide who to call back, so it may be later than 11:00pm. No matter what, we will email you letting you know if we need you for callbacks or not, and this email will hopefully be sent out sometime before 2am. Continue checking your inbox until you receive that email, because callbacks are the next evening!

Am I allowed to audition for all the a cappella groups? Can I be in more than one group?
You can definitely audition for all of the a cappella groups, in fact we encourage it, so that you find the right group for you! Plus, we want everyone to be involved with a cappella in some aspect (all the groups on campus are friends!), so by auditioning for all the groups, you have more chances! While there is no formal policy restricting membership to one group, the time commitments involved with one group alone would probably prohibit you from successfully participating in more than one group.

I have an audition for another a cappella group during callbacks! I have some other major conflict! What do I do?
We understand that you have a busy schedule, so let us know if you have some conflict with callbacks if we call you back. If you have an audition with another group, we usually have you come to callbacks, and then let you run over to your audition, and then have you come back to finish callbacks. If you have a work conflict or a job interview etc., that will put you a few minutes late for callbacks, let us know. Just understand that if you come late, you’ll still need to be able to catch up to whatever everyone else has already learned, and we will not be able to spend an inordinate amount of time with you alone. Also be aware that if you show up late without a reasonable explanation, it may hurt your chances of getting into the group. Once again, callbacks are MANDATORY if you want to be considered for a spot in the group, so definitely contact us if you are going to try to work through a schedule conflict.

How many people are you taking? Are my chances good?
There is no way to determine beforehand how many people we are taking. What we can tell you is that we are looking for people from every part. We don’t like to set definite numbers, because we don’t want to restrict ourselves. If we find someone spectacular, we’ll take that person, no matter how many other people we are taking. If you’re still looking for a number, the best we can do is tell you that we may take anywhere from 2-7 people.  Just remember, we all went through the audition process too, and while we were nervous at first, we quickly found that this process was just about getting to know us as who we were as singers and vocalizers.

If I make it into the group, what is the time commitment I should expect to devote to ScatterTones?
On average, the group spends 5 hours in rehearsals a week. Usually it is 2 hours on Wednesday nights (9pm-11pm) and 3 hours on Sunday evenings (5pm-8pm). These time are not solidified completely yet, and we are prepared to adjust them to accommodate our new members. Also note that we spend extra time in rehearsals in the week or two leading up to our big concerts and performances.

Thanks so much, and we can't wait to see you at auditions!